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In the past, Hua Hin was for the high class people to spend their holidays at this seaside town. After the completion of the railway station between Cha Am and Hua Hin, it made the journey more convenient.  Now a day, Hua Hin is chosen to be the tourist destination for the holidays at the seaside town.  Hua Hin is considered the classic seaside town of complete facilities while the beach still maintains its natural beauty. The beach still has white clean sand and fresh air as same as the old days.

Hua Hin is a charming old-fashioned beach resort and a fishing town of Prachuab Khiri Khun Province on the west coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Swimming off Hua Hin beaches is pure and an unadulterated delight. The water is warm, clear and clean, absolutely untainted by any form of pollution. The beach slopes down so subtly far out into the sea, that the big incoming waves gradually dissipate into soothing and rocking motion of the water, well before reaching the beach. Children down to toddler size can safely frolic in the shallow water of the beach without fear of crashing wave or steep underwater bank.

Klai Kangwol Palace is the official royal summer palace, where HM the King spends most of his time. Here the royal wedding anniversary is celebrated every year on April 28.

Hua Hin in Thai means stone head. Off the main beach are rock outcrops jutting out of the sea water that give the beach its name. To the right of the beach walk, stretches the fabled shoreline of Hua Hin, a white plain of fine sand reaching off to the distant Khao Takiab.

Hua Hin beach has been given 4-star status by the Government  Agency (TAT) and is the second best beach in Thailand. The beach from Hilton to Khao Takiab is wide and ideal for swimming from infants to adults. It runs for five kilometers with no obstruction and has old trees for shade. Visitors can walk or jogg all along the beach till Khao Takiab, where tall Buddha statue is in standing position.

This is why now a day many people  interested in buying the landed property in Hua Hin which has been very popular until nowadays. At the present time, anyone can visit Hua Hin conveniently to enjoy the happy holidays.


Cha Am ATV Park | ATV Riding and Paint Balling

Want an Action Packed Day the whole family can enjoy? Seen enough markets, shops and temples? Seek an adrenaline rush to remember for a long time to come?

Khao Chong Krachok

Kested near Prachuap Bay is the moderate sized mountain which will always be visited by many tourists of Prachuap Bay. They will climb up the mountain to see the scenery from the mountain peak and pay respect to the Relic of the Lord Buddha

Khao Tao Beach

Although located quite far, Khao Tao Beach is still in the Hua Hin area adjacent to Suan Son Pradiphat Beach but outside the military area. The beach is wide and long having the beautiful ...

Suan Son Pradiphat Beach

Suan Son Pradiphat Beach located next to Hua Hin Beach having Khao Takiap rested as a division between the two beaches. The features of the beach are almost the same but Suan Son Pradiphat Beach is ...

Khao Takiab

Khao Takiap Located at 250 feet high above the sea level, it is the public park for Hua Hin  people to exercise during the evening time and the place that offers beautiful scenery of Hua Hin.

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"Hua Hin is a charming town of clean white sandy beach, colorful sea and a little sloped beach for good swimming. The beautiful beach of Hua Hin is still in tourists' mind. Its location near Bangkok, only 195 kilometers makes Hua Hin favourite destination for the Bangkokian to spend their enjoyable holidays."

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